5 Examples of Social Media Blogging

News 10:12 December 2019:

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Blogging has come a long way from when it started. It was at first used as an online personal web log where people would write about their day and later the term blog came about from web log. Today, with many innovations on the internet and technology, a blog is not only used for marketing but has also become a home business itself. Social blogs and social blogging can be termed as phrases being used in the modern era to describe tools that have blended both traditional blogging and social networking features. The line between blogging and social media blurs every day making blogging more social. Here we have gathered some examples of social media blogging tools transforming the world of blogs.

1.    Tumblr blogging

This is now becoming a poster child for social media blogging since its launch in 2007. It is a free service allowing people to update quick and short text blogs. Tumblr has social networking services allowing users to follow or even subscribe to other users. Its social networking features are quick and easy to use.

2.    Twitter blogging

As a blogger, you can now use amazing social features on twitter to get your blog somewhere and reach your audience even faster, giving them an opportunity to share ideas. Using your social blogging tools your post can be cross-posted very first on Twitter. Your followers on twitter will be able to learn about your posts.

3.    Facebook blogging

Referring to this, am talking about taking advantage of Facebook my note feature. Facebook being one of the largest social networks in the world can be used effectively by every blogger to reach their audience. The bloggers are now using Facebook to share links and get people reading their minds. Bloggers also are using the note feature to post their content on Facebook and get people giving views as they comment on the posts. However, Facebook blogging is not as easy as you may think and needs to be used so wisely.

4.    Snapchat blogging

Snapchat can also be great for social media blogging. One might be wondering how blogging and snapchat can work hand in hand. It actually can, in almost 101 ways. Being one of the fastest growing social media networks, free snapchat views gives bloggers an exciting feature to even show their creativity. In a different perspective, what can happen to the blogosphere now is a live video recording. With this feature, bloggers now have an opportunity to build trust with their community due to transparency through snapchat. Snaptchat doesn’t require any clarity, it just needs you to be yourself and this is a great advantage to every blogger out there.

5.    Instagram blogging

It can never be a mistake to say Instagram is now a giant in social media. Instagram is now one of the social media platforms many find difficult to ignore. Just like other marketers out there, bloggers can now use Instagram effectively and successfully. For all bloggers out there it’s good to know that you can integrate your blog with Instagram and make it perfect. You will get more traffic to your blog through Instagram and is an alternative way to also communicate with your existing readers. To manage this successfully, do some research on the ways you can blend the two platforms to enhance them. You can also import some of your Instagram contents to your blog.

There are quite a number of social media platforms available in the market today that will help you make your social media blogging exciting and successful. You just need to do some research on how to go about them, blend and integrate them in the right way. They offer great tools not only to increase traffic on the web but also to grow your brand. Every time you want to post, you can choose to record and upload a video on the social network platform and tell your followers to click on your link to get more.

A bit of advice: when using the available social media platforms to integrate them with your blog, it is good to know that many followers from these platforms can subscribe to your updates and too much cross-posting can end up discouraging them, making them opt out and unsubscribe. Just be wise how to go about it!

The 5 Best Things About Social Media Blogging

A lot of marketing companies look at social media as a very important tool for marketing. Other people see social media marketing as a complicated topic which has a lot of challenges. With enough training, there are various powerful features of using social media as an effective marketing tactic. Social medi blogging has proven to be a very cost effective way of reaching your customers. The idea that they cn comment on the blogs and ask their questions results in a very immersive interaction for them. This article outline some of the best things that come with the effective use of social media as a marketing tool and also provides reasons that make marketing professionals fall in love with social media.

1. Increased brand awareness

Marketing using social media provides the companies with the ability of brand building and becoming more recognizable in the area of their work. Whether it is FaceBook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, marketing on social media allows your brand to get exposed to more people. A lot of companies who can get their customers to share their thoughts about a given product on social media have also discovered that each such share brings in a whole new set of potential customers for the company. It is a great medium to not only nurture relationships with current loyal customers but also new potential customers.

2. Increased Brand Loyalty

Organizations that make use of social media channels actively report that they have seen increased loyalty in their customers. This loyalty increases as social media creates a very convenient mechanism for the customers to engage with the companies. The customers also feel that they are being heard and are thus more likely to stay loyal to a product or brand. The best part is is that in most cases they do not have to wait days or weeks to hear back from the company. Most companies have dedicated social media managers who are very prompt in responding to queries from the customers. This leads to customer loyalty.

3. Reduced marketing costs

It is more cost effective to engage in marketing on social media as compared to a lot of other methods. Even if you consider paid advertising on social media networks like Facebook and YouTube, it will be much cheaper when compared to other marketing methods. These platforms allow you to start small marketing campaigns and increase your budget based on your targets slowly. One of the more significant advantages of marketing on social media networks is their cost effectiveness and better ROI (Return on Investment). The companies stand to reap benefits much greater than the amount of money they spend on marketing on social media. It beats all other forms of marketing like newspaper ads, television commercials and paid slots on radio and TV.

4. Better access to consumers and competitors

Marketing on Social Media provides help companies in knowing their competitors and consumers.

By having a finger on how customers feel about a business, organizations are in a position to provide content that is favored by the consumers and reduce efforts on products that are less successful.

Social media also allows the companies to stay tuned to how the competition is performing. A few of the details provided by social media platforms allow companies to observe how the competition is engaging with their audience, what kind of content they are posting, how frequently they are posting and a vast amount of other important information.

All of this information allows companies to shape their strategy on social media marketing to make it more effective.

Better customer service

It is crucial to remember that at the end of the day, Social media is eventually a networking and communication tool. Companies that make effective use of social media can create a more effective and stronger voice.

Irrespective of what kind of feedback the customers have, social media platforms make it easier to engage with the consumers. An outcome of this is that the companies discover the use of social media as a backbone for customer interactions. The customer interactions that happen on social media are often seen by a lot of people and hence create an environment for the companies to demonstrate their awesome customer service.